When Bitfinex’ed isn’t enough

2 min readDec 9, 2017


Why one of the biggest BTC-fiat exchanges uses one of the smallest Polish bank to provide deposits services along with Crypto Capital?


Since Bitfinex has added Euro deposit it uses some:
#1 Company established in Poland that share capital is around 1500 USD called Crypto Sp. Z. O.O. (source https://ems.ms.gov.pl, http://bit.ly/2AGH2GB)

Source: Bitfinex, kantorbitcoin.pl

The company was created by Ivan Manuel Molina Lee, the more you read, the weirder it becomes. Apparently Mr. Lee is a CEO for hire


AND major shareholder of 99% company is ..another company from Panama https://cryptocapital.co/ — how convenient, isn’t it?

As you can see Mr. Lee is also a proxy between Crypto Capital and Crypto Sp. Z.O.O.

Google Maps view of Crypto Sp. Z.O.O HQ , 2014

#2 Polish bank with annual income of 5 000 000 USD (remember volume that is going through Bitfinex, right?).

That how looks HQ of the bank that delivers Euro deposit to one of the biggest BTC exchange on the planet

All of that, when you will add whole tether “problem” to the equation looks at least suspiciously and something tells me there will be more.