New Kind of Network — Cellular Automata Blockchain

2 min readApr 18, 2018

New Kind of Network
Ticker NKN
Decentralized Internet Network

Token economics after listing on exchanges:

Circulating Supply: 100M/ Total: 1B
Hardcap 6,2M USD🚀

After six months:

Circulating Supply: 350M / Total: 1B

Marketcap: 38,4M USD

Investors🚀: Neo Global Capital, blockvcfund

Team🚀: ex Onchain (that company includes CEO of NEO, founders of Ontology), Qualcomm, Nokia, Motorola, Google, Ericsson, Microsoft

Development team includes also Dr. Diffie’s Cryptic Labs

Advisory: Whitfield Diffie ,Inventor of public key cryptography (Diffie-Hellman), more TBA

What’s good:
Whole team is master league, idea and backing of key investors (that’s including CEO of NEO himself) is also good. I see a lot of potential for this project, for starters to use it along with nOS as a part of “whole new internet for people”

What’s bad:
No product yet, they’ve private github repo — but for now we can’t see anything.

That’s partially bad in my opinion since they’ve two extremely experienced teams behind development + CEO of NKN, Mr. Yanbo Li said

We will not reinvent the wheels, and will use open source components
and existing algorithms in conjunction with our own contribution.
believe in building on the shoulder of giants. In addition, our previous code base in DNA can be used to speed up development in the initial prototype and Proof
of Concept phase.

So that means whole development process will be a lot faster than it takes usual in crypto space (Golem is good example, where founders had to create everything from scratch).


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