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The real battle that is actually happening


So Santadao $HOHO — whatever the F this is, rugpulled, which isn’t a surprise. $200K has been stolen. Many influencers were posting about this one, casually, as they’d about any other. …

August 2020

Purpose of this list is simple — providing upcoming tech that didn’t gathered lots of attention yet, trying to stay lowkey for some reasons,
but already is ongoing with investment rounds (or about to finish). …

DeFi 101 — guide of projects, their metrics and basic information whether they’re worth your time, or not

A basic list of already listed and upcoming projects with a token model

The idea is to remind you what’s out there, not to create set of rules, which one is good, bad, bullish or bearish. Simple facts and numbers will defend or harm the narrative projects are trying to…

Not every blockchain needs a revolution, but a simple and working idea.

ICOs seem to be a thing of past for now, not because idea itself seems to be bad — because majority of ICOs were poorly managed, dictated mostly by greed, vaporware software, not fulfilled promises etc.

LTO policy in terms of Initial Coin Offering was almost different, is it enough…

ICO 101

When a cryptocurrency startup firm wants to raise money through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), it usually creates a plan on a whitepaper which states what the project is about, what need(s) the project will fulfill upon completion, how much money is needed to undertake the venture, how much of…

New Kind of Network
Ticker NKN
Decentralized Internet Network

Token economics after listing on exchanges:

Circulating Supply: 100M/ Total: 1B
Hardcap 6,2M USD🚀

After six months:

Circulating Supply: 350M / Total: 1B

Marketcap: 38,4M USD

Investors🚀: Neo Global Capital, blockvcfund

Team🚀: ex Onchain (that company includes CEO of NEO, founders…

Since twitter isn’t allowing me to write as much as I would want to, we will end this short assesment here.

Ticker: UBT
Status: Whitelist open, ICO in next 2 days
This project is: Unified Framework for SAP to connect it into ethereum blockchain
Circulating Supply 123M/ Total: 150M
Hardcap 13,5M USD

Why one of the biggest BTC-fiat exchanges uses one of the smallest Polish bank to provide deposits services along with Crypto Capital?


Since Bitfinex has added Euro deposit it uses some:
#1 Company established in Poland that share capital is around 1500 USD called Crypto Sp. Z. O.O. (source

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